Blue Blue Cherry for You, and Green Green Juicing Machine. For the Starr in You.

Reduce chronic migraine headaches with herbs and home remedies 

I want to do one kindly deed each day

To help someone to find a better way

I want to lend a hand to one in need

Or find some lonely stray that i may feed.

I want to sing for someone a love song

To give them courage when the road is long.

If just one smile of mine can lighten pain,

Then i shall feel i have not lived in vain.

~Poem by Lena Stearns Bolton


Some recipes for children and adults that are tried and tested and taste real good.

This smoothie we love and have been having daily, twice a day.

The blue and purple fruit and vegetables contain alkalizing nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, fiber, flavonoids, ellagic acid, and quercetin.  These alkalizing nutrients support retinal health, lowers LDL cholesterol, supports the immune system activity, supports healthy alkalizing of the foods and liquids ingested, improves calcium and other alkaline mineral absorption, buffers all acids that causses inflammation, prevents and reduces tumor growth, acts as an anticarcinogen in the alimentary canal, and limits the activity of acid that causes cancerouscells.


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Blueberries, specifically, contain high amounts of alkalizing vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, potassium and fiber.

The phytochemical’s in blue berries may lessen the effect of the acid estrogen in causing breast-cancer cell growth.

Cut out the refined sugar and watch them freckles disappear. This tastes so good.

Anthocyanins, Are found in these Alkaline Blues and Purples: - Good Sources are Red Cabbage, Purple Eggplant, Grapes, Berries

Ellagic Acid in Purple and Blue Berries contain a phytochemical that may lessen the effect of the acid estrogen in causing breast-cancer cell growth.
Good tip: Blending berries with avocado, helps to buffer the acids or sugars in the mildly acidic berries.

In the Berries are antioxidants or anti-acids that improve brain function and balance, and they reduce metabolic and dietary acid that increases the risk for cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

The mild acids in the fruits are balanced by the fats and protein of the nut milk and oils and  also the avocado is excellent with aiding in the slow release of the sugars. This smoothie is excellent for sugar sensitive people. And really everyone can have this. It is loaded with the good stuff. Excellent for learning new things, proper brain food. Also if you have a busy life this will keep you going for hours!!

Ok here goes. We have some science now for some action, satisfaction. Groovy Smoothie Brain Train.

Lets get it going on!


Take one litre of home made Almond Nut Mylk

One whole organic avocado.

One pear

Celtic Grey Sea Salt like a nice pinch

One Table spoon of Coconut Butter

One cup of cherries and blueberries

Two Teaspoons of Vanilla Powder

One Teaspoon of Cinnamon powder

Blend well, proper frothy!!!!!!!

Here are some we made earlier.x

Felt right to dress with some home grown organic mint from the garden. x Loaded with Health-enhancing flavonoids, phytochemicals, and other antioxidants.

We love this, so dreamy but very advanced in delivering the best to you on your crazy day in the 20 th century. Loaded with natural simple but super good nutrients.

Next we had a Green Juice.


Juice a Quarter to a third of cabbage, purple ones are lovely,

4 Heads of green celery

inch of ginger

2 pears

2 lemons

So so good, here are some we made earlier the family love this.

Only thing not added was some wild greens, them recipes are coming soon. x basic but very good, essential, the cabbage alone is a monster herbaliser for the stomach. So simple and very very tasty.

Sulfur compounds in cruciferous veggies, may slow the metabolism of carcinogens and metabolic and dietary acids.

Consume at least 1 gram of ginger to alleviate the nausea associated with migraine headaches. Use ginger in your juice to feel great.

Thank you and Enjoy x

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3 thoughts on “Blue Blue Cherry for You, and Green Green Juicing Machine. For the Starr in You.

    • Thank you Anne we love to share our love of the camera and the love of food we enjoy so much. The whole thing of combinations, and the being able to share is a wonderful joy. Yes green juice what a gift. We love our green juice, missing broccoli at the moment, cannot beat some good steamed broccoli with some coconut oil and good unpasteurised hemp miso. You are very welcome, i love the way we are all connected by the love of what we do. xx

  1. These concoctions look delicious, as well as being turbo-charged with nutrients. I’m definitely going to try them. Tks so much for the pingback to my blog. I look forward to more tips and recipe ideas. Great site!

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